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Pedro Ferreira

Hi, I’m Pedro Ferreira, an adventurous and enthusiastic student at The George Washington University, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in International Business. Fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish,
I’m also learning Italian and French, striving to bring a global perspective to everything I do by incorporating different cultures and viewpoints.

My interests extend beyond academics—I co-founded Nexus Consulting, LLC, Empathy Engineer and FlipShipDip, where my leadership and creativity truly shine. When I’m not working on social media and content for Soul Shall Overcome, you might find me exploring new culinary experiences, practicing Muay Thai, or planning my next travel adventure.

Passionate about mental health and education, I love blending my skills to make a positive impact. Whether I’m crafting engaging content or brainstorming innovative solutions, my dynamic personality and enthusiasm for life always come through.

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