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Woojoo Hong

Hello, I’m WooJoo Hong and I am currently an undergraduate student attending the George Washington University, with a double major in Marketing and International Business. I was born in Daejeon, South Korea, near lots of greenery and vibrant city lights, but mostly raised in Los Angeles, California, where I was situated for the rest of my youth til college.

Utilizing the majors I study, I am a cofounder of FlipShipDip and will eventually have my clothing brand popping! I also work under NEXUS Consulting LLC as a PM for SSO’s branch and have been running SSO’s social media and content profiles. When I can, I love to play waterpolo and basketball. Besides all these cool titles, I pursue all with one main reason.

That reason being, that I love curating and creating content to engage my audience, but also gifting them with either a gesture of acceptance, or a simple reminder that, life comes from you and not at you. I strive to have my audience feel more pleasance within themselves after all content I post. I wish to become a facilitator in combatting asian traditions with their flaws under nurturing more positive mental health and above all, heal the broken all throughout.

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