Coco Lee, Beloved Pop Icon, Dies by Suicide

Coco Lee was a beloved singer, dancer, and actress from Hong Kong. She is most well-known for her iconic music and was cast to voice Fa Mulan in Disney’s Mandarin version of the iconic Mulan. 

While her career began in Hong Kong, it expanded its way to Taiwan and, eventually, the world. Coco Lee has recorded 18 albums, with her repertoire of hits including music in three different languages. 


In 2001, the pop icon became the first individual of Chinese descent to perform at the Academy Awards. Her jaw-dropping performance of ‘A Love Before Time’ is a performance that has stuck with the world to this day.


Unfortunately, the international singer, actress, and songwriter, passed away on Wednesday, after a long and hard fight with depression. She was just 48 years old.


In a heart wrenching social media post, her sisters, Nancy, and Carol Lee announced that Coco Lee had passed after an attempt at suicide on Sunday that left her in a coma.


In her final post to Instagram, Coco Lee shared that 2022 had been a difficult year for her. She wrote, “Life seemed unbearable at times, but I adapted the attitude of a “female warrior” to face them head on…”


She continued her post by encouraging her followers to be themselves and pursue a life of joy and fulfillment. She wished to encourage people to spread love and positivity. Her closing message stated, “You are not alone, no matter how hard life gets, I’m with u.”


Coping with Depression

Coco Lee was one of millions of people around the world experiencing depression. The illness impacts an estimated 5% of the world’s population, leaving many people feeling sad, alone, numb, unmotivated, and uninterested in life.

What makes depression so difficult is the fact that it drains the person experiencing it of energy, making it more difficult to do the things needed to battle it. Depression is a difficult disease to experience, and it can feel even more difficult to pull yourself out of.

Fortunately, though, pulling yourself out of depression is not impossible. Research suggests that most cases of depression can be treated, regardless of their severity.

If you believe that you are experiencing depression, the most important thing you can do is to stay connected and receive support wherever you can. While it can be tempting to isolate oneself from their community when coping with depression, community is essential to fighting the illness.

Reach out to trusted friends and family members for support and find community in local groups and services. There are endless ways you can find support, no matter where you have found yourself.

Seek Professional Help

Your community is essential to your recovery, but so is the help of a mental health professional. Depression is a dangerous mental illness that needs proper treatment to aid in healing. Some cases may include therapy, others may need medication, and others may utilize a mixture of the two.

In Conclusion

Depression is an illness faced by a significant portion of the world’s population. Even the most influential, successful, and beloved stars of our generation are not immune to it. Coco Lee is still a pop icon, trailblazer, and role model to people all over the world. Her star burned bright and will continue to burn in the years to come.


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